What You Must Know Before Participating In A Poker Home Game

Poker home games are privately organized games commonly played in a host’s house. It’s usually by invitation and

The legality of home poker games depends on the gambling regulation of each country. Home poker games give friends and players the chance to have fun and sometimes the opportunity to also make money.

Before entering a poker home game these are some things you need to consider.

The Host Or The Person Running The Game

Before taking part in a home poker game, it’s important that you have some information on the person running the game.

You should conduct research on the game ahead of time to be able to determine if it’s a game in which you would like to risk your money.

The Rake

If the home poker game isn’t one played with real money then it isn’t very important to consider the rake. However, if the goal is to make money, then it is important to consider the rake.

The rake of most home poker games are between 3-10% with varying limits on the amount that can be taken out of each pot.

If you’re considering playing in games with high rakes you should adopt a conservative Pre-flop.

The Buy-in And Cashout

This is a very important information you have to know before partaking in a home poker game. You need to ascertain that you can trust the host and that the game isn’t rigged.

You will want to clarify such concerns as if the game will run on credit, if you should bring cash, how you will get paid if you win, etc. Clearing up these concerns before the game will put your mind at ease.

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The Level Of Players Participating

Before participating in a home poker game, if the list of participating players isn’t known then you need to inquire about the level of opponents you will be facing.

Knowing the level of opponents will inform your participating decision as well as the type of strategy to use.


Home poker games bring together largely decent players all looking to win, hence you should be well prepared. You need to fine tune your strategy before the game and prepare different techniques for different types of players.

You can test out your strategy online before participating in a house poker game. Similarly, house games gives the chance to test your ability against decent players.

How Many Games Do You Have To Play Before Electing To Walk Away

It may be good to have knowledge of the number of games you’re obligated to play before walking away. There’s a chance that some players won’t be pleased if you choose to walk away after winning, hence it’s good to settle such issues before the game.

You should inquire from whosoever is in charge to know the guidelines regarding the minimum game and how early the notice to quit should given.

You want to get invited back to good home poker games hence you don’t want to leave your host and other guests angry with your decisions. Knowing the number of games you obligated to play will also let you know the liquidity to bring to the game.

The Person Playing For The House

You need to know which of the players invited and which stacked to run the game. Knowing the players playing for the house will create a level of transparency.

Sometimes, hosts don’t have enough players to kick start the game hence they stack some players so the game can go on. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s important that the host is upfront and transparent.

Get To Know The Dealers

The dealers are usually hired by the host and they tend to have valuable information about the game and the participants.

Cozying up to the dealers can give you valuable information that will inform your decision to participate or not.

The dealers are key members to the game and being on the dealer’s good side will make you more comfortable. Hence you should try to familiarize yourself with them.


Security of home poker games is very important. You should gather as much information as possible on the host, the nature of the game, and the environment.

If there have been incidents of robbery and mugging then it’s definitely something you should be concerned about.

You also want to know if the host possesses the required license to host a home poker game especially in locations where the domestic laws require a license.

Final Thoughts

If you play poker for money, there’s a chance you might invited to a home poker game at some point. Having the right information before partaking in such a game can go a long way in shaping your experience.

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