Football betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling. The betting market has a lot of opportunities for professional gamblers, and there are many betting sites to choose from.

Football gambling works by taking money from the pockets of amateurs and sharing it between bookies and professional gamblers. The amateur gamblers enjoy placing bets on their home team, which means they have emotional attachments. Professionals and bookies make money on arbitrage and statistics.

Like horse racing, the money is made by understanding the betting system and rankings. The professionals use guidelines and statistics to create superior sports betting strategies, making them profitable over time.

Don’t fall for free football predictions or treat football gambling like a fantasy football league. You need to get your head into the game.

Only bet on football

Like Blackjack, online sports betting is based on keeping a winning average. The key is to have deep experience and knowledge. You will have much better odds if you limit yourself to only one sport. 

If you do soccer betting and bet on the NBA, you double the scouting work you need to do. It’s hard to keep up with the Kansas City Royals and Chargers while you’re also scouting the Lakers and Manchester United. Focus on one thing and do it exceptionally well.

Football betting starts during the NCAA and NFL off-seasons. Spend time looking at summer camps, trades, and recruiting. The more you know, the better your wagering will become. 

Don’t wait until the last minute and then listen to a tipster. Great punters and bookmakers do a lot of homework to get great results. 

Before the premier league season starts, you’ll already know how to judge players or teams and where to get information about the sport. Great analysis is critical for finding the best bets. 

Football Betting Strategies

Don’t try to recover your losses

Don’t worry about your past wins and losses. The current bet is all that matters. 

People make decisions that are influenced and tainted by the emotional attachments they have built up to the investment. People who try to recover their losses will spend more money on a project or venture that doesn’t work out because they’ve already spent so much time on it.

Bet with your head, not your heart

You shouldn’t bet on your favorite clubs or national teams. The problem is that you will feel loyalty to your team, which will cause you to bet with your heart.

Football betting is all about statistics. You are trying to gain small advantages against the rest of the betting population. Even occasional slips will eat at your bankroll over time.

Many people start sports betting because they are sports fans. The most important thing to remember is that you need to bet with your head, not your heart. Don’t place bets on your favorite teams because you might bet emotionally.

Loyalty can make us think we’re making good decisions when we bet on sports, so we suggest being rational and careful. The problems start when you really need a win or get emotionally invested. If you feel yourself losing control, you need to stop. Find another game that you can approach better.

Spread out your bankroll

If you bet all of your money on one football match, you run a high risk of being wiped out. Football games can have unexpected results, so you need to spread your money out so that the averages can work in your favor.

You need to think about many things as a sports bettor, like how much money you’re going to bet on sports. As you know, your financial situation will play a big part in this. The best thing to do is not to risk money that you can’t afford to lose.

Now decide how much you want to bet on each game. You probably shouldn’t wager more than 1 to 5 percent of your bankroll on every bet you make.

Shop around for better lines

Bookies set their lines so they get even money on both sides of the line. Different bookies set different lines because they have different clienteles and geographic locations.

Remember, most punters are betting with their hearts. That emotional money is where professional gambling profits come from. So look for bookies who are getting money based on inaccurate information.

An example is when a large, wealthy nation plays a smaller nation in football. The smaller country might have a good team, and thus, good odds of winning. But the more popular team will collect more money, especially in their capital.

Line-shopping is all about taking advantage of price differences between sportsbooks for the same event. Each bookie will have different lines, so you need to shop around to find the best deals.

Line shopping is the closest thing to a sure thing in sports betting. It’s sure to make you more money and help you become a better sports better in the long run. 

Keep your expectations realistic

Football matches are very competitive. Anyone can win in most cases, and longshots will have a heavy handicap advantage. You don’t even need to win the game. You just need to cover the spread.

You won’t win every bet. There are a lot of other professionals doing the same thing, and they are taking profits too. If anyone could win 100% of the time, there would be nothing for other professional gamblers to win.

A good sports bettor might win 54% of the time. A world-class sports bettor wins 60% of their wagers. As you can see, you need to expect to lose a lot of wagers.

When you are doing research, you are looking for small edges. These won’t be sure bets, but the averages will make you money over time.

Don’t get too confident. If you win a bunch of games, just realize you’ll lose some later. You’ll have winning and losing streaks, but you’re just playing the averages. 

Hedge your bets

Hedging allows you to lock in profits by betting on both sides of the line. Hedging is advantageous if lines move and create opportunities.

Lines often move during betting. Perhaps you get in early on one side of the line, and the line moves far in your favor. Moving lines is an opportunity to place a second bet that hedges your first bet.

The idea is to make money on either side of the line. Making money on either side is the essence of bookmaking, but savvy punters can do it too.

It’s also possible to bet in the middle and have both lines pay out. If the line shifts dramatically, your early bets and later bets can both pay out if the final score falls between the lines.

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